Community PC seeks parental support

BRECHIN’S Community ‘Bobby’ has urged local parents to enquire “where their youngsters are going and what they are up to”.

The request follows an increase since the start of the year in instances of youths from Brechin being involved in “incidents.”

Billy Rattray, Community Liaison Officer for Brechin, said:

“There are certain crime categories which are consistently committed by young people.

“Vandalism falls into this group and, since the start of January, there have been 17 recorded instances of vandalism within the town.

“Due to the nature of these crimes it is believed that a high percentage of these have been committed by young people.

“Some of these incidents have been extremely serious such as the case of items being thrown at moving vehicles from the A90 flyover. However, many of the crimes have potentially devastating consequences”

“During the investigation of these crimes it has become apparent that many parents are completely unaware of who their child is with or what activity they are engaged in when out in the evening.

“I would urge all parents to make a point of knowing these things, which would hopefully prevent an unwanted visit by our officers.”

“There has also been a noticeable increase in the number of large groups of youths congregating throughout the town.

“Although I am aware that not all young people should be tarred with the same brush, being part of a large group can lead to incidents of antisocial behaviour and again I would ask parents to discourage their child from forming part of such a group.”

Constable Rattray has thanked those who helped with information regarding the A90 incident and has encouraged anyone with any information regarding issues of crime or antisocial behaviour to contact him or any other officer at Brechin Police Station.