Council issue scam warning for residents

Angus Council is warning residents of a ‘phone scam in which people are being tricked into thinking they are making a call back to their bank when in fact they are still speaking to the fraudsters.

The warning comes after an older Angus resident fell victim to the scam where someone claiming to be from their bank and had said a large amount of money had been withdrawn and that the bank were concerned about security.

The fraudster then asked the victim to hang up and call back on the helpline number of the back of the bank card, to verify the caller was from the bank.

However, the fraudster did not hang up and stayed on the line to continue the original call, conning the victim into giving bank details needed to take money from the victim’s account.

Mark Hodgkinson, Angus Council’s adult protection officer, said: “We have had two reports of this scam in Angus.

“One resident lost around £100 but we know from cases in other areas that much bigger amounts have been stolen.

“The message to everyone is to be very vigilant to anyone contacting them out of the blue and claiming they are from a bank. Be very cautious about sharing bank details with anyone over the phone unless you are absolutely certain the caller is who they say they are.”

He also urged people to report scams, adding: “Any of us can be taken in by a determined fraudster - all it takes is a moment’s lack of concentration or distraction.”

If you know about someone who is at risk or who may have been a scam victim contact Police Scotland on 101 or Angus Council’s trading standards team on 01241 435600.

For information about financial harm and financial scams call 08452 777 778 and follow the Scam Free Angus team on twitter @scamfreeangus for up to date scam alerts.