Drive carefully on country roads

TAYSIDE police officers are urging motorists to drive carefully and safely on country roads in Angus and throughout Scotland.

Inspector Edward, in charge of the Road Policing Unit in Angus, highlighted that 90% of Scottish motorists regularly drive on country roads, and that 57% of them also drive on country roads at least three times a week.

For many, the monotony of driving the same stretch of road is leading to riskier driving behaviour and the inappropriate choice of speed.

Inspector Edward said: “It is very concerning to note that in Scotland three out of four of all road traffic collisions occur on rural country roads. 58% of those killed or seriously injured are aged between 17 and 39 years, with male drivers being more at risk due to their evident tendency to speed.

“The two most common causes of country road traffic collisions are loss of control and inappropriate speed – that is, either travelling too fast for the prevailing road conditions or exceeding the permitted speed limit.

“Too many drivers are putting their lives at risk by driving at a speed that is inappropriate for the prevailing road and weather conditions.

“The simple fact is that you don’t have to be speeding to be going too fast. On country roads travelling at an appropriate speed is vital because it determines how long you have – or don’t have – to respond to a hazardous situation. I would urge drivers of all ages to slow down, be aware of the unpredictability of country roads and adjust their speed to the conditions which they are faced with.”