Enforcing parking regulations

As the schools have returned, the problem of inconsiderate and illegal parking is rearing its head again.

In the coming weeks, police in Brechin will be actively enforcing parking regulations throughout the town.

A spokesperson for the police had this advice to parents:

“Please take the time to ensure that you park safely and legally near to all the schools, that you allow plenty of time to make the journey and if you are dropping off or collecting children, that you are not putting them in any danger or obstructing traffic.”

Over the last week or so, local residents have been receiving mail suggesting that they may be in line for a cash payout from some kind of inheritance.

The letters have been identical with only the surname of the supposed deceased person who has left monies being altered to read the same as the recipient.

These are Malaysian in origin and intimate that any monies obtained from the estate be split between the writer and the recipient.

“Please recognise this as the scam that it is and either bring the letter to the police office in Brechin or shred it,” explains a police spokesperson.

Remember, “if it sounds too good to be true”, it is!

Police in Brechin are looking for any information or any witnesses to the vandalism of three windows over the weekend at Brechin High School.

If you have an information about the vandalism telephone Brechin Police Office on 0300 111 2222.

Found property:

This week’s found property has seen a set of several small keys on a black fob, a silver bike and a pair of glasses in a case (glasses found by a walker in Glenesk)being handed in.

Several items found in the Co-operative Store over a period of months have also been handed in.

These include, two mobiles, two hand bags and a purse (no cash), three pairs of spectacles, a number of sets of keys, two children’s soft toys, a pair of gloves, a football, two rings, a bangle, a child’s book, a booklet of photos with the caption “Happy Mothers Day 2009”, a cork notice board and a toy.

Nothing matches anything that has been reported as lost but if you think any of the items could belong to you, please call in at the Brechin Police Office between 10 am and 2 pm, Monday to Friday.