Fifteen more drivers fail the breath test

A TOTAL of 15 drivers were arrested for drink/drug driving offences in Tayside during the third week of this year’s national festive drink/drugs drive campaign.

There has been an overall reduction of three detections compared with the same period of last year’s campaign. 80% of the drivers detected during week three of the campaign were between 26 and 55 years-old. Four of those detected in the third week were women, 11 were men.

Of concern to the police was the fact that five drivers were found to be about three times or more over the legal limit to drive. Two of those were women.

Not only should they have been aware of the very real dangers associated with driving while having ridiculously high levels of alcohol in their bodies, they have all risked the possibility of having their vehicles seized and ultimately forfeited by the courts.

Concerned members of the public have once again demonstrated their continued support for our efforts by telling the police about drivers they suspect of drink/drug driving. Such calls have so far resulted in over 42% of the detections during the campaign.

During the third week of the campaign, Tayside Police have also continued to focus on other offences related to road safety.

Fifty-five drivers and seven passengers have been reported for seat belt offences as well as 40 drivers for mobile phone offences.

A total of 143 drivers have been detected speeding within the Tayside area.

As a result of driving without either insurance or a driving licence a further 18 drivers have had their vehicles seized.

Chief Inspector Sandy Bowman, Head of Road Policing, said: “The number of drink drivers that we are detecting as a result of information from the public is absolutely magnificent and I cannot stress enough how grateful we are for that. Two of these reports have resulted in drivers being found to be more than three times the legal limit of 35 micrograms.

“For these drivers to get behind the wheel of a vehicle and drive is completely irresponsible. The potential consequences, had they not been caught, really do not bear thinking about.

“The law abiding members of our communities will be absolutely horrified to learn there are still far too many people who live among us in our cities, towns and villages who are prepared to consume alcohol or drugs to this extreme and then drive, placing us all at considerable risk.

“The contribution the public make towards Tayside Police detecting these individuals cannot be underestimated and we shall continue to do all that we can to place these thoughtless and selfish people before the courts at the first opportunity.

“While it is encouraging to note that the number of drink and drug drivers detected since the start of this year’s campaign has shown a slight decrease from last year, there are still far too many drivers continuing to drink and drive.

“We must ensure that the message gets through to these people. The risk is simply too great and we will be out there to get you.

“With the continued support of the public, in conjunction with education and positive enforcement activity, I sincerely hope this reduction will continue. As we enter the final week of this year’s campaign, I would once again ask each and every one of you to report anyone who you suspect of being a drink or drug driver.

“I cannot thank the public enough and with your continued support we will detect and remove drink and drug drivers from the roads of Tayside.”

Anyone wishing to report a drink/drug driver should call Tayside Police on 0300 111 2222, or pass information anonymously via the charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.