Further scam warnings

ANGUS Council trading standards officers have issued a warning about possible scam phone calls in the county.

The service has been contacted by a resident who was called by someone who had her bank account details.

The caller informed the resident that £400 had been removed from her account. The caller also asked if she wished to be free of nuisance calls for the next five years, at a cost of £69.

Luckily, the resident is aware of scams and hung up. She visited her bank, and informed them of the phone call.

They confirmed that no money had been removed from her bank account and advised her to change her bank details.

A spokesperson for the trading standards service said: “Clearly scamsters are able to get bank account numbers and are able to identify the person who has that account. This appears to be an attempt to breach the security on the account or gain legitimate access to funds. It is highly unlikely that they will be able to prevent nuisance calls.”