Government action on ‘legal high’ substances

Angus Liberal Democrat Councillor, David May, has been pushing for the publication by the Westminster Government of a report on ‘legal highs’.

He now says: “I am delighted to see that the report on legal highs which was blocked by the Tories has now been published, and more especially that the government is now going to consider legislation that bans the sale of all psychoactive substances, although exempting alcohol and tobacco.”

Sanjay Samani, a member of an Angus ‘Against Legal Highs’ Group added: “Presently manufacturers are able to get round the legislation as it stands, by changing the chemical ingredients and creating what is claimed to be a new substance. The new approach that the Government is planning, was passed in Ireland and this had a massive affect on the availability of legal highs in their country and we must back this here so we can also make a difference in Angus and our 

Councillor May continued: “As an Angus councillor I back the Lib Dem minister Norman Baker who said that a start has been made to looking into the feasibility of a blanket ban on new psychoactive substances across the whole of the UK, clamping down on the suppliers and head shops rather than the users. In my view the sooner these substances are banned the better as legal highs have caused fatalities and is a very significant problem across Angus and in our country as a whole.”