Home security advice after sneak-in thefts

Angus residents are being reminded of the importance of home security after recent sneak-in thefts in the county.

Police Scotland issued the reminder after two thefts from homes in Forfar and Kirriemuir, which took place several days before Christmas.

Tayside Division recently launched Operation After Dark, an initiative that provides residents with advice and guidance on home security measures and keeps attention focused on deterring housebreaking.

Police are reminding residents that it is important to take simple security precautions around the home to deter thieves, particularly at this time of year.

When you are at home, please take the time to ensure that your doors and windows are locked, to prevent opportunistic thieves stealing unattended property.

In addition, anyone leaving their home unoccupied should always remember to lock all doors and windows, and if you have them, set alarms and use light timer switches.

Consider fitting external security lighting and make sure all garden tools and ladders are locked away when not in use.

Police also recommend that you make a note of all makes, models and serial numbers of your valuable property.

If you notice anything suspicious in your neighbourhood report it to Police Scotland on 101. In an emergency phone 999.

With the wintry weather well in place, Police are also highlighting the importance of car security, reminding motorists not to leave their vehicles unattended when attempting to defrost their car windows. It may be tempting to leave vehicles unattended whilst the engine is running to allow the windows to clear, however this can be just the opportunity thieves are looking for.