It’s business as usual for ‘closed’ farm shop

It's business as usual for Tillygloom Farm shop.
It's business as usual for Tillygloom Farm shop.

It’s business as usual for a farm shop that has been reported as having closed its doors.

Tillygloom Farm has been subject of headlines, stating that the farm shop had to close due to thieves but the owners have since contacted the Brechin Advertiser to confirm that they are “not going to let thieves beat them.”

John Watson explained: “We had a robbery about seven weeks ago and again on Friday night past.

“It is money that they are mostly going for.”

In the latest theft from the shop the thieves walked away with the safe.

“What had happened was, we were out for our tea of Friday night past and, whether the thieves are watching the place or not I’m not just very sure, but they came up and were prepared for the job,” explained John

“They drilled that back off where the safe was attached to the wall and they were able to prise the safe off the wall.

“They actually took the safe this time.”

Despite this the owners are not going to give into the thieves.

“We are not going to let them win,” John added.

“We will have to install surveillance now but it is business as usual.”

The farm shop is open daily from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m.