Jail for double danger driver

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A dangerous driver from Brechin who led police on a 100mph plus chase before swerving across a dual carriageway at high speed into oncoming traffic has been jailed.

Ryan Ingram then crashed his car on a farm track as he tried to evade police - the second time he had done so in the space of four months.

Ingram’s first incident, in March last year, had seen him try to dodge capture by police after evading a roadblock and speeding off into the country.

Then in July he led police on a high-speed chase after they again tried to pull his Honda Civic over - this time speeding off because he was carrying hundreds of pounds worth of cocaine that he intended to sell on.

Forfar Sheriff Court heard he sped off onto the A90 in Angus heading towards Dundee with police following him, blue lights flashing and sirens activated.

Fiscal depute Jill Drummond told the court police were maintaining speeds of 95 to 100mph - but Ingram was still opening up a gap on them.

She said: “They dropped back but could see him continuing southbound.

“He then braked sharply and attempted to turn across an opening in the central reservation into the northbound carriageway.

“An HGV had to brake sharply to avoid a head on collision.

“The accused then reversed back onto the southbound carriageway then continued across the northbound carriageway onto a farm access road.

“When he reached a T junction on the access road he crashed the car into a tree when he couldn’t stop in time to make the turn.

“The accused alighted and tried to run away.

“Police gave chase and took hold of him.

“When he was handcuffed a packet of white powder was found in his hand.

“It was later identified as 18.3 grams of cocaine with a potential illicit value of £900.

“He was also carrying £265 in cash.”

Ingram, 23, of Nether Caldhame, Brechin, pleaded guilty on summary complaint to two charges of dangerous driving committed on March 5 and July 16 last year in Angus.

Defence solicitor Nick Markowski said: “In the first incident he drove off because a friend had had a joint in the car earlier and the debris was still there.

“In the second incident it is fortunate for him there wasn’t a collision.

“He’s got his life together since this.

“He is a joiner and runs his own business.

“He is aware he will be disqualified for a significant time - the question is whether there’s an alternative to prison.”

Sheriff Gregor Murray jailed Ingram for six months, disqualified him from driving for two years and ordered him to resit the extended driving test before he gets his licence back.

He said: “These are two bad examples of dangerous driving.

“You have a previous conviction for dangerous driving and another for careless driving.

“The nature of the driving in the second incident and being involved in the supply of class A drugs means you are very fortunate this case was not prosecuted on indictment.”