Keep safe when using ATM

Reports of cash machine card fraud have been reported to Tayside Police and to the Brechin Advertiser through our Facebook page.

A number of local residents have contacted the Brechiner explaining that money had been taken out of their accounts in Jamaica and it is suspected that card details were taken whilst those people took money from a cash machine in Brechin.

More than 70 per cent of money in our pockets comes from a cash machine, with eight million cash withdrawals made from them every day. To help prevent fraud Brechin police officer Billy Rattray has given the following advice: “Never write down your PIN or keep it anywhere anyone can find it.

“Always be aware of your surroundings. If using an ATM make sure nobody is too close to you or watching you. If so, ask them politely to move back.

“Cover the keypad with hand whilst entering PIN.

“Be conscious of anything which doesn’t look or feel right on the ATM - the card slot should not move or be loose.

“If you’re suspicious about the ATM or anyone loitering in the area of the ATM please report to the bank and/or police.”

There are three main ways in which criminals try to steal cards, card details and PINs at cash machines.

Skimming and pinhole camera devices - the skimming device reads the magnetic strip of the card copying the card’s electronic data while the pinhole camera films the customer entering their pin.

Card Trapping - These are devices which are temporarily inserted into a cash machine’s card entry slot by a criminal.

The device traps a customer’s card in the machine, not allowing the transaction to be processed.

The criminal will also attempt to find out the PIN, so customers who do not shield the keypad are much greater risk of this type of fraud than those who do.

Shoulder-surfing - a method where the criminal watches the cardholder enter their PIN, then subsequently steals their card using distraction techniques or pick-pocketing, before using the stolen card and genuine card, is also used.