Living-room window smashed

Two double glazed living-room windows were smashed at a property in Nursery Park when someone threw three stones through them at sometime at about 9.40 pm on Wednesday, March 28.

More than one witness contacted Police at the time. Five teenage males and one female were seen running away into Esk Park Terrace. Police are particularly keen to trace these people as soon as possible, as it was only by good fortune that the occupier was not injured despite being at home at the time.

Please call 0300 111 2222 with any information or call at Brechin Police office and speak to any officer.

A bank note was found in Clerk Street on Thursday. Another note, a watch, a Mystique Beauty Card with other business cards, and a Citroen key were found in the Co-operative Store since the beginning of March. Please call between 10am and 2pm to enquire.