Lorry struck by missile

Tayside Police officers in Brechin are appealing for information after an articulated lorry was struck by a missile as it travelled along River Street on Tuesday evening (Feb 15).

The lorry was heading eastwards towards Arbroath at about 6.50 pm when the driver spotted a group of youths standing by the road. Among them was a boy, aged 10-14, who was holding what appeared to be a brick in his hand.

As the lorry passed the group the driver was aware of his windscreen being hit by a missile. He stopped immediately and remonstrated with the youngster he had seen seconds earlier, who in turn swore at him and ran off towards Middleton Park.

The boy had thick, long, sandy blonde-coloured hair, a pale face and wore an earring. He also wore a navy hooded jacket with a shiny silver-coloured pattern on it.

On inspection the lorry driver realised that, although not cracked or broken, his windscreen had been chipped.

Tayside Police would appeal to anyone who can help trace the person responsible for this reckless act to contact 0300 111 2222 or speak to any officer.