Memorabilia takes a walk from Stables

Local publicans Alan Renilson and Joyce Mcintosh have voiced their concerns about a spate of thefts occuring from the premises they run.

The couple, who are in their second spell managing the popular pub The Stables, felt the need to highlight the petty thefts which have been happening.

Items which have gone missing include a statue of Bhudda and an old Brechin picture taken from last century.

Joyce said: “It’s absolutely ridiculous. The thing is, it’s not valuable things going missing, it’s more sentimental things and it’s stuff you’re putting in your pub to make the place look a bit nicer.

“Someone is just lifting it and you think ‘what’s the point?’ I’m really mad because my grandchildren gave me the Buddha and it has gone.

“It shouldn’t have to be like that. Then when the picture was gone that was when we really lost it.”

Alan explained about the picture which went messing: “We went down to the library and were £150 for a selection of old photographs.

“The photograph and the frame itself are probably worth £20 but there was a picture of Albert Allison, Ross Allison’s grandad, with his fruit and veg trailer, with a big white horse pulling it, and a wee local laddie pictured.”

Joyce added: “It’s folk that people in the town grew up with. Who would steal that?”

Alan continued: “The Allison family would be proud to have it up there, so they wouldn’t steal it.

“It seems like people are just taking it for the sake of it. I’m surprised we never found it smashed in the car park.”

Joyce then explained what happened to the Buddha statue.

“The Buddha went a few months back, then the cushions started to go missing, then tie-backs for the curtains. Why would you want to pick things like that up?”

“Little things like that you can handle, it’s part and parcel of having a pub, “said Alan. “But a framed picture, from the libary’s archive.

“It’s one of old Brechin and features characters of old Brechin, and that’s how we’re trying to design the lounge.

“If you look in the lounge you’ll see there’s old pictures of the High Street, Clerk Street with the elephants, and there’s market day through the house, so they’re all related to Brechin and old Brechin.

“It’s either been pinched for smashing on purpose or somebody’s seen that and thought ‘I quite fancy that.’

Joyce continued: “Ross and Graham Allison saw the picture and they commented that they were pleased to see it up, because it was their grandfather and a bit of history of the town.

“All we are wanting to do with the pub is have a bit of atmosphere and some Brechin memorabilia.

“Alas , one day I was cleaning and I looked up and I thought ‘oh no don’t tell me Albert Allison’s picture got smashed last night’, but then I realised it was gone because the hook was left.

“The Buddha was certainly a sentimental thing because our grandchildren gave it to me.”

Joyce said she didn’t want to have to put CCTV into the pub.

“For one thing it’s expensive, but I said to Alan if it continues on like this we’re going to have to.”

Alan added: “I don’t want it to have to come to that, because then you’re mistrusting everybody, for the sake of a few.

“But what it would do, I would say, is it would put you off putting anything of value or memorabilia-wise in an area where people can steal it.

“Apart from the Buddha and the picture gone, in the areas that are out of sight in the pub there were two pictures smashed last week that were hanging on the wall.

“We tend to have families in for meals and our regulars, so it could maybe have been later on on a Saturday that we notice a different crowd.

“But we’re happy for anybody to come in, as long as they behave themselves.”

Anybody with any information regarding any of the missing items can contact The Stables on 01356 624449 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 .