Persuasive fraudsters after your money

Police Scotland warns people to be alert to fraudulent schemes following reports of crimes of this type in Tayside.

During the last week in Dundee there have been two incidents where people were approached by strangers offering to sell high-value goods such as computers or mobile phones for cash up front. However during the exchange, the victims were given items of nominal value. The deceit was only noticed after the suspects had left.

Police also warn of becoming a victim of scams involving alleged lottery winnings. In the last month an elderly woman received a number of calls claiming she had won hundreds of thousands of pounds in a USA lottery and was instructed to send cash and cheques to different addresses in the UK to pay for various taxes, before she could receive any money. Police Scotland again urge people to remain cautious and alert when dealing with telephone calls of this nature. Schemes such as these can be perpetrated by people cold calling by telephone, attending at their home address, via unsolicited letters, emails or sending texts.

Fraudsters can claim to represent organisations, including banks, financial institutions, government bodies and even lottery operators, as well as masquerading as reputable businesses. Never give out personal information, including bank details. If you are unsure, take details and check out their credentials. Personal information should not be shared under any circumstances until you are entirely satisfied that the person is legitimate and reputable.

The bottom line is that if something appears too good to be true, it usually is.

If you have concerns contact Police Scotland on 101.