Police issue home security tips

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Brechin householders are being reminded by Police Scotland not to let the sunny weather blind them when it comes to home security

As householders and their families spend time outdoors in the warm weather, doors and windows are often left wide open, providing a ready invitation to passing opportunist thieves who can sneak in and out in a matter of seconds taking valuable property with them.

Home security is vital and that follows for any garages, sheds and outbuildings. Given the valuable property that is stored at the family address these days, it is vital to take the security of outbuildings as seriously as the domestic property.

Don’t make it easy for the thief by leaving doors and windows open. If you are out in the garden, ensure all vulnerable door and windows are locked. If you can, lock windows on the vent setting to allow in some fresh air.

Only open windows of the room you are in and do not leave valuables in clear view, or easy to reach places.

If you are at home at night, lock the front and back doors - it is all too easy to be distracted by what’s on the telly and opportunist thieves will look upon an unlocked door as an open invitation. Make absolutely certain you have locked up before you go to bed at night.

Sheds garages and outbuildings are also targeted at all hours of the day and night.

Police Scotland has issued the following advice:

Where possible, make sure you can see the shed from the house.

For visibility at night, consider sensor-operated lighting which is convenient and an effective deterrent.

Make it more difficult for criminals to simply unscrew locks or hinges of shed doors by fitting carriage bolts or clutch head security screws. Another method of stopping screws being removed is to fill the heads with epoxy resin.

If you shed has windows, consider fitting a curtain, or similar, to obscure the view of the shed contents.

Security mark all equipment with your postcode to increase the likelihood of it being returned if stolen and then subsequently recovered. Marking should be obvious, where possible, although an ultra violet pen can be used for more discreet marking.

A steel cable threaded through removable property and secured to the building can make it extremely difficult for the thief to steal.

Consider an intruder alarm for your shed or outbuilding.

Never leave your shed unlocked.