Police point to parking

BRECHIN Police officers have issued an appeal to motorists to consider their parking while in one of the city centre’s busiest roads.

Constable Lindsey McLaughlin would like to take the opportunity to appeal to drivers to consider other motorists and pedestrians when parking their vehicles in the town centre.

She said: “Numerous complaints have been received from members of the public relating to inconsiderate parking in St David Street at all times of the day and evening that cause an unnecessary obstruction for other road users which may result in road safety being compromised.

“The public are reminded that there is an obligation on their part to park legally with no parking restrictions in force the length of the street other than the parking bay outside the Hardware store.

“The holders of disabled badges are also reminded that they too are under scrutiny and should only park if they are not causing an obstruction.

“Angus Council have provided several car parks that border the town centre and are free of charge and the public are encouraged to use them.

“The issue of a fixed penalty is one way the police can deal with this matter but education rather than enforcement would be the preferred choice of local officers.”