Police re-assurances for elderly residents

Following the murder of 80-year-old Janet Methven it has been reported that a number of elderly people living in the area now feel concerned, heard the City of Brechin and Area Community Council at their latest meeting.

To help reassure them Brechin Police has urged anyone who may feel concerned to contact them and they will be able to provide them with crime prevention information.

On other police matters, members of the public who can think of potential problems with the Olympic Torch route are asked to inform officers of their concerns.

Callers contacting the police regarding complaints about youths in the area have been asked to ensure that youths are acting in an anti social way before picking up the phone as each response dealing with complaints uses a lot of police resources.

The number of bogus callers purporting to be workmen increases at this time of the year.

If you are approached by anyone who you think is suspicious contact Brechin Police as-soon-as-possible.

If you do need work carried out it is recommended that you find workmen through the Angus Reputable Traders scheme.

Police reiterated that domestic abuse will not be tolerated and that help is at hand for those affected by it.

Due to the high cost of fuel thefts of domestic fuel continue to be reported. Brechin police have asked everyone to be vigilant and to report any suspicious behaviour.

During the meeting of the group it was reported that the group’s coat-of-arms will be copied at local company City Press. It is hoped that the original document can be stored in the safety of Angus Archives.

There is an ongoing dialogue between the community council and Angus Council regarding the new community campus.

A meeting has now been arranged between the various members of the council and a small group of community councillors, to take place on April 19.

In preparation for the meeting the community councillors attending the meeting will study all available reports as documented on the council website.

In the run-up to the Angus Council elections the group has organised a hustings to take place on Wednesday, April 25 at 7 pm for 7.30 pm at Maisondieu School.

During the evening public members are encouraged to ask candidates any questions they may have.

There will be no predetermined questions, ensuring candidates can respond to questioning on-the-spot.

A group within the community council has been tasked with finding ways to engage with the community to ensure that that opinions and feelings throughout the community are heard.

This is particularly important with issues such as the community campus, which is currently at the design stage.

The next meeting will take place on Tuesday, May 1 in the Damacre Centre at 7.30 pm.