Police warning to anti social drivers

In the past year police officers in Brechin have been involved in an ongoing exercise to target irresponsible drivers.

The Anti Social Behaviour (Scotland) Act 2004 gives the Police powers to seize vehicles used in an anto social way, if they have already issued a prior warning.

During the course of the operation, 29 official warnings have been registered on the Police National Computer and eight vehicles have been seized.

As the summer months approach a higher emphasis is being placed on this and local Community Liaison Officer, Billy Rattray is appealing for members of the public to report instances of anti social driving.

“Of the many warnings registered already, several have been as a direct result of calls from the public,” said Billy.

“Obviously we cannot be everywhere and see everything however we will act upon information passed to us.

“If we receive a reliable and credible report of driving that we categorise as being ‘antisocial’ we will enquire into it and if appropriate register a warning against the vehicle involved and its driver.

“If already subject to a previous warning, and where sufficient evidence exists, we will seize the vehicle.

“With the assistance of the public we can hopefully reduce the impact of such driving in the Brechin area.

“I would also like to advise that the legislation also relates to the antisocial use of vehicles used off road such as motorcycles being ridden on areas they are not permitted.

“Anyone wishing to report such a matter should telephone our non emergency line of 0300 111 2222.”