Re-offending lower in Tayside

THE TAYSIDE Community Justice Authority (CJA) area has achieved a significant reduction in re-offending according to figures published yesterday by the Scottish Government.

Although Tayside has the highest rate of reconviction in Scotland the published figures for offenders released from prison or commencing a community based sentence between April, 2009, and March, 2010, show that the offenders reconvicted within one year fell by 2.8% to 33.7%.

This is the largest reduction across Scotland and double the average reduction for Scotland.

Bailie Helen Wright, convener of Tayside Community Justice Authority, the statutory body responsible for reducing re-offending in Tayside, said: “These latest figures are very encouraging. Although some offenders do re-offend, these figures show that recidivists are committing less crime than in previous years.”

Tayside’s one-year reconviction frequency rate (the number of re-offences committed per 100 offenders) also fell considerably, by 10.2% compared with a reduction of 5.6% for the whole of Scotland.