Return of dog fouling problems

THE PROBLEM of dog mess being left lying on St Andrew’s Lane, a well used thoroughfare for the local school children, has returned after a spell of improvement.

The problem was highlighted to the Brechin Advertiser by a concerned parent, who wished to be left unnamed, after witnessing a number of piles of dog mess near to St Andrew’s Church and Maisondieu: “The problem is appalling. I counted six piles of dog mess and all had been trodden in.”

Fed-up residents highlighted the problem of dog mess being outside Maisondieu School and on the grounds of St Andrew’s Church back in May 2011 and for a spell the issue did improve.

“It did get better,” continued the parent.

“But since the school’s have gone back from the Christmas holidays it has got worse again.

“I walk my dog around that area and I am so tempted to pick up the mess but why should I.”

It has become so much a problem that it is claimed that children, coming out from school are not able to go on grass.

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “The council cleans this area regularly, but antisocial dog owners who refuse to pick up after their dogs make the task of keeping the area clean very difficult. There are litter bins in the area which can be used for disposal of fouling.

“Dog waste bags are readily available at minimal cost and are well within the budget of anyone who can afford to have a dog. Owners who do not pick up after their dogs risk the far higher cost of a £40 on-the-spot penalty fine, which authorised council officers and the police are empowered to issue.

“Although routine inspections are carried out council staff will not be around to witness every offence so we urge anyone who witnesses dog fouling to report it. If you know the person’s name and address you can report it confidentially at any police station or to ACCESSLine on 08452 777 778. This will allow us to raise the matter with the dog owner responsible.”