Speeding issues raised at public meeting

Speed limit sign
Speed limit sign

“Boy racers” who are speeding through the streets of Brechin on a nightly basis are causing fear and alarm to local residents, it has been claimed.

At a recent public meeting held in the town to discuss increased incidences of crime (see front page), concern over speeding bikes and cars in the town centre and other areas was also discussed.

Amanda Duncan, who called the meeting,said she was fed up of motorbikes and cars speeding along the street outside her home very fast and very noisily on five or six nights a week.

She said the problem was so bad she and her partner had even considered moving house and added that she knew some-one who had actually moved because of the constant problem.

“Cars and motorbikes are going through the town very, very fast on a circuit. This almost seems to go unchallenged although it is very dangerous how fast they go,” she said.

“For the people who live on the streets where this is happening it is very upsetting and there are obviously very serious safety concerns,” she said.

Speeding cars and vans on Montrose Street in the town was also a concern brought up by other people at the meeting.

One woman pointed out that this involved speeding beside a primary school where the school bus stopped and where there were no speed restrictions.

Community Police Officer, Billy Rattray, who attended the meeting, said that people speeding round circuits on the main streets of the town could be stopped if people phoned and reported the matter to the police.

He said the police could stop people driving in an anti-social matter but they needed registration numbers reported to them.

He said: “We can give drivers a warning and if someone is stopped for a second time we can seize a car but we need corroborative evidence.”

PC Rattray explained this was another matter that could be looked into by any local group set up to discuss community matters in Brechin.

A number of other streets in the town were flagged up as problematic areas for speeding, with a residents speaking out on the Brechin Advertiser’s Facebook page.

Sheila May posted: “Definitely a speeding problem with cars coming off River Street and coming into Eastmill Road .”

Dawn Kennedy added that Caledonian Road was affected as well, commenting: “They fly along at a very dangerous speed and don’t give any consideration for the amount of kids and elderly living on the street and the noise they make late at night is terrible.”