Teen causes five-figure sum of damage

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A teenager climbed on to the roof of a secure unit and hurled tiles at police cars - causing almost £20,000 worth of damage - a court heard.

The youth, who cannot be named for legal reasons, assaulted a staff member and damaged police cars and vans, plus staff vehicles and the roof of the Rossie secure unit in Montrose.

Trained negotiators along with police, fire and ambulance staff were called to the mini-riot at the building, Dundee Sheriff Court was told.

Depute fiscal Kirsten Letford told the court the incident began around 3pm when staff heard the accused shouting and the victim was visibly distressed.

The prosecutor said he ran out of the unit and climbed onto the roof of the adjacent building and began throwing slates into the car park on to police cars and other staff vehicles, causing “substantial” damage.

She said police, ambulance and fire personnel had attended, along with trained negotiators.

The youth continued for a lengthy period, throwing more slates until around 11.30pm when he came off the roof.

He was checked over by ambulance staff but was found to be okay.

Mrs Letford added: “There was substantial damage caused to the roof, amounting to around £2000.

“There was also damage valued at around £3300 to police vans and £13,536 to staff members’ vehicles.”

The 16-year-old admitted that on February 8 this year, he assaulted a female staff member, pinned her against a wall, dragged her and robbed her of her electronic key fob.

He then, while acting with another, recklessly climbed on to the roof of the building, removed tiles from the roof and threw them and other debris and a fire extinguisher at police and other parked vehicles below, while on bail.

Solicitor Christopher Maitland, defending, said: “His motivation had been to get out of his room, he had been locked in there for 24 hours.”

He said the youth ran away and the incident just escalated with no explanation.

Mr Maitland added: “He accepts he was stupid, reckless and it was a compulsive expression of his frustration at being locked up.”

Sheriff Carmichael deferred sentence until June 13 for reports and advice from the children’s panel.