Trinkets being taken from people’s graves

Trinkets and flowers placed on loved ones’ graves are being moved or stolen from graves in Brechin Cemetery, claims local residents.

A letter to the editor, published in last week’s edition of the paper, caused one Brechiner, who wished to remain anonymous, to speak to the Brechin Advertiser after witnessing two youngsters moving trinkets from other people’s graves.

“I spoke to the children concerned after they had done what they had done,” they explained.

“I was on one side of the new cemetery, walking with the dogs on the way to our grave and we watched the youngsters taking things from one grave and moving them to another grave.

“We spoke to the youngsters and asked what they were doing and they said they had been placing roses on their granny’s grave but they told someone else that they had been visiting their aunties grave and there were no roses anywhere in the cemetery or in their possession.

“We went round the cemetery looking for our flowers and pot, which had been taken, but could not find it.

“In eight years our relative has been there nothing has been interfered with. It has only been a recent problem.

“I know of someone else who has had their loved ones’ graves interfered with as well.

“When going through the cemetery I would notice items on people’s graves and think to myself I didn’t think they had that ornament and I was right to think that as the next time we were up the ornament was back on its rightful grave.”

People took to our Facebook page stating they have also had items taken from their loved ones graves.

Joyce Prosser said: “My husband’s grandmother’s solar light has been taken and we thought my dad’s had been as well, then we found it left at another part of the cemetery.

“It had been placed in front of another grave in the middle of the grass. It is shocking and so upsetting.”

Debbie West also explained how a vase has gone missing from her loved one’s grave: “I went up to the cemetery two weeks ago with flowers for my father-in-law to discover somebody had removed the vase. Please buy your own.”

Jenna Duncan has been left upset after having items go missing: “I don’t understand what goes through people’s head when they take these special things! It has been very upsetting for our whole family especially for my little cousin who left these special things for her mummy!”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “Our staff have not seen anyone moving, or entirely removing, items from gravestones in the cemetery grounds during the working day.

“However, we urge members of the public who notice anyone behaving suspiciously at the cemetery at any time to immediately contact the police.

“We take seriously any interference with items which have been placed by the bereaved on the graves of their loved ones.”