Vandalism in Brechin Cemetery

A police officer surveys the damage caused by the vandals.
A police officer surveys the damage caused by the vandals.

Twenty one headstones have been vandalised at Brechin Cemetery, leaving those affected by the thoughtless act being left to foot the bill for repairs.

The headstones were damaged during the weekend of November 3, 4 and 5 and after putting out an appeal for information police are now following a number of lines of enquiry.

A spokesperson for Tayside Police said: “The individuals involved have carried out this act with a total disregard for the emotional issues caused to family members and to the property itself.

“Tayside Police would like to take the opportunity to thank the public for their response with regards to the spate of vandalisms that have occurred within Brechin Cemetery.

“As a result of this response the police are following a number of lines of enquiry and it is hoped that as a result, the individuals responsible will be identified and promptly dealt with.

“It is also requested that any persons who have had items stolen from relatives graves or damaged in the past few weeks, come forward and report these matters to Brechin Police Office where again it is hoped that the persons responsible will be traced.”

This comes after reports of trinkets being moved or stolen from graves in the new part of the cemetery by two youngsters.

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “We can confirm that 21 headstones in Brechin Cemetery were damaged recently and deplore these acts of vandalism.

“We will make every attempt to contact the families who erected the headstones which have been damaged.

“We urge anyone witnessing such behaviour to contact the police immediately.”