Warning issued to motorbike users in Brechin

Police officers in Brechin have warned people who use motorbikes off-road illegally that they could lose their bikes.

The warning follows an incident on April 28, where a scrambler was seized under ASBO legislation from ground near to the Brechin abattoir, after the rider was found to be using the bike on ground where he had no permission.

PC Iain McPherson explained: “You cannot ride these vehicles on public land, parks, pavements, paths or cycle tracks, waste ground or parkways. The only legal way is on private land and only with the permission of the landowner.

“Areas such as the ground near the Brechin abattoir, which is owned by a local estate, and path network around Leuchland and Drumachlie Farms are regularly used by bikers with no permission. Montreathmont Woods is another area. This will no longer be tolerated by police.

“There is also a real safety issue with many riders not wearing approved crash helmets or having a properly maintained motor cycle. This can result in serious injuries or, in extreme cases, fatal accidents.

“Many of those using bikes are young teenagers whose parents may not even know what they are up to. If you are a parent who has bought your child an off road bike, but are not sure where they use it - don’t be surprised if it is seized.”