Who vandalised boundary fence?

LOCAL police have reiterated their appeal for witnesses following vandalism to the boundary fence at the Matrix Park on its border with Nursery Park, as revealed in last week’s “Brechiner”.

Officers are still hopeful that someone may still come forward who saw anyone in the area acting suspiciously.

Sergeant Clark Renilson said officers needed information which could be actioned upon to bring an end to such acts of vandalism taking place.

Sergeant Renilson added: “Brechin Victoria Football Club has recently taken ownership of the football park at the Matrix, Eastmill Road, Brechin, which is being used as a training ground.

“Brechin Vics would like to point out that they have gone to a great deal of expense to maintain the park for playing purposes in conjunction with providing security fencing and gates both at the Nursery Park and Eastmill Road entrances.

“The club, acting within the best interests of the community, has also allowed the younger teams of Brechin City Youths to use the facilities for both training and matches.

“Unfortunatley persons unknown have taken it upon themselves to damage the fence at the Nursery Park entrance and acts of this nature will not be tolerated. The property belongs to Brechin Vics and is therefore private.

“Tayside Police in Brechin would like to point out that to damage the property, whether the act be wilful or reckless, is criminal and persons identified as responsible will be prosecuted.

“If any persons have any information as to who was responsible for this incident can they speak directly to a local officer or telephone 0300 111 2222 where any information will be treated in confidence.”