Dance school success

Joyce Cromar School of Dance has once again excelled at medal test, with their impressive performances earning high praise.

Firstly, Joyce would like to thank all those who have supported and helped her during the past 11 months, helping her keep her dance school open after she underwent spinal surgery in Edinburgh.

Special thanks goes out to her dance coach and senior pupils at the school, for the dedicated time they gave during this difficult period.

The dance school is now open for the next session. Anyone who would like to join the school, please contact 07803 176656 for further information.

The results for the medal test, sat on August 18, were as follows (p= pass; h/c= highly commended; hons= honours; comm= commended):-

Master Plaque- Lexie Sivewright (p), Shannon mcLean (p) and Leah McLean (p).

Uni-Ted badge, green - Leah mcLean (p), Shauna McLean (p), Lexie Sivewright (p), Shannon Mclean (p) and Kenadie Sivewright (p).

Uni-Ted badge, blue - Shauna McLean (p).

Bronze medallion (One dance test) - Shannon McLean (h/c), Kenadie Sivewright (h/c), Leah McLean (h/c), Kaydie McLean (h/c), Chloe McLean (h/c) and Shauna McLean (h/c).

Intro one Highland - Shannon McLean (h/c), Leah McLean, (h/c) and Shauna McLean (h/c).

Intro 2 Highland - Kenadie Sivewright (h/c) and Kaydie McLean (h/c).

Intro 3 Highland - Chloe McLean (h/c).

Beginners fling - Leah McLean (h/c) and Shannon McLean (h/c).

Beginners swords - Kaydie McLean (commended) and Chloe McLean (h/c).

Bronze Highland- Chloe McLean (h/c) and Kaydie McLean (comm).

Gold Bar 3 Highland- Courtney Morrison (comm).

Laurel and Annual award - Leanne Stewart (h/c).

Gold Star 1 highland - Eilidh MacFarlane (hon) and Kirstie MacFarlane (hon).

Gold Star 2 and senior award - Kerry Voice.

Premier Cup 1 Highland - Ashley Spark (hon) and Claire Stewart (hon).

Choreography Grade 1 - Claire Stewart (hon) and Leanne Stewart (hon). Dances - Cake walk and Sailors hornpipe.

Choreography grade 4 - Ashley Spark (hon) and Courtney Morrison (h/c). Dances - cake Walk, Flat Oot! Cromar, Sailors hornpipe and Irish Jig.

Theory Grade 3 - Leanne Stewart (p) and Courtney morrison (p).

Theory Grade 5 - Claire Stewart (p).

Silver B/Johnnie - Courtney Morrison (comm) and Gemma Mitchell (hons).

Gold B/Johnnie - Kerry Voice (h/c), Leanne Stewart (hons) and Eilidh MacFarlane (hons).

Gold lilt - Leanne Stewart (hons) and Gemma Mitchell (distinction)

Silver Flora - Gemma Mitchell (distinction).

Gold Flora - Leanne Stewart (hons).

Silver Sailors hornpipe - Kerry Voice (h/c) and Eilish MacFarlane (h/c).

Silver-bar sailors hornpipe - Courtney Morrison (comm).

Gold Sailor hornpipe - Leanne Stewart (h/c).

Silver Irish Jig - Courtney Morrison (comm) and Leanne Stewart (h/c).

Silver Bar Irish Jig - Claire Stewart (hons).

The examiners at the event commended the complicated dances selected for the Choreography exams, praising the music choice and the ability to give complicated steps which were done well.