Dancers pick up awards

Pictured are some of the dancers with their awards.
Pictured are some of the dancers with their awards.

Dancers from the Joyce Cromar School of Dance are celebrating their latest success after taking part in recent medal tests.

The results were as follows:-

Master Plaque - Honor Jamieson (pass).

Uni-ted Badge, Yellow - Honor Jamieson (pass); Neve Smith (pass); Kirsten McDonald (pass); Lexie Sivewright (pass); Kenadie Sivewright (pass); Leah McLean (pass).

Uni-ted Badge, Red - Lexie Sivewright (pass); Kirsten McDonald (pass).

Top Ted Statuette - Shauna McLean (pass).

Prince George Medal - Honor Jamieson (pass).

Intro. 1 Highland - Neve Smith (pass)

Intro. 2 Highland - Kirsten McDonald (pass); Lexie Sivewright (pass).

Intro. 4 Highland - Leah McLean (pass).

Intro. 5 Highland - Kenadie Sivewright (pass).

Pre-bronze Highland - Shauna McLean (pass).

Bronze Highland - Kenadie Sivewright (honours).

Bronze-bar Highland - Kenadie Sivewright (highly commended).

Gold Bar 2 Highland - Emma Smith (honours).

Junior Award - Emma Smith (honours).

Silver H.Laddie, Lilt, Flora - Leanne Stewart (highly commended); Claire Stewart (highly commended).

Choreography Grade One - Kenadie Sivewright (highly commended); Leah McLean (highly commended).

Choreography Grade Two - Emma Smith (honours).

Choreography Grade Three - Leanne Stewart (honours); Claire Stewart (Honours); Kerry Voice (highly commended).

Performers Award Grade Two - Kenadie Sivewright (highly commended); Emma Smith (honours).