David Waterson booklet donated to Trust

The Jujube and the Traction Engine
The Jujube and the Traction Engine

The David Waterson Trust has revealed that Dr Ian Fallows has donated a booklet drawn by the artist to the Trust.

Dr Fallows was recently in Brechin to officially open the current exhibition at Brechin Town House Museum featuring the works of artist David Waterson.

Dr Fallows met Waterson as a young boy and is first cousin to the late Tibby, a former Brechin teacher and member of the Taggart family, who were very close friends of the Watersons.

During his opening address at the exhibition, Dr Fallows made reference to Waterson’s very close association with Tibby as a child and in later life when he sketched and painted Tibbie.

He referred to one of the booklet’s David Waterson drew for Tibby, describing it as “a delightful little thing, 10 pages of lovely drawings and writings designed to keep a small child happy”.

John Ritchie, chairman of the David Waterson Trust, said: “I am delighted to inform the people of Brechin that Dr Fallows has donated one of these booklets - ‘The Jujube and the Traction Engine’ - to the David Waterson Trust which can be seen at the joint exhibition currently being held in the Town House Museum.

“Dr Ian Fallows also donated a copy of a pastel sketch of his mother and a birthday invitation which David Waterson did for one of Tibbie’s birthday parties.”