December floods on agenda for council

FLOOD events in Brechin and the surrounding area that occurred in December, were on the agenda of yesterday’s meeting of Angus Council’s infrastructure services committee.

The director provided a list of incidents and action taken to remedy them.

Flood events preceding December that have now been closed were listed as follows:-

B966 road, Inchbare - Overland flows from farmland causing agricultural property flooding; and localised road flooding. The first incident of overland flows has been resolved and dealt with as a private matter. The second requires a roads drainage scheme which has recently been awarded and is currently underway.

Park Road, Brechin – Blockage. Dealt with by Neighbourhood Services by cleaning system.

Ramsay Street, Edzell – Various localised flooding events have been reported in this area during the 2009 events. Broken pipe – now repaired.

East Mill Road, Brechin – Localised flooding occurred during the extreme events of 2009. Improvement works have been implemented.

Wards Road, Brechin - Flooding of road into gardens and very near to houses. Scheme involving drainage work implemented since event. No further action proposed.

Trinity – Flooding from private property into house. Sand bags delivered.

Incidents in December were listed as follows:-

Whishop Burn - Overland flow and overtopped burn in heavy rain and flooded properties. Sandbags were delivered. A number of properties were flooded in Edzell during the December 23 flood event. Roads department will carry out a flood risk assessment and consider potential solutions including possible funding for this location whilst maintaining communications with the householders affected.

River Street, Brechin - River overtopped sandbags at parapet railings but floodgates and sandbags on side away from river prevented all but one housing suffering flooding. Formal flood prevention Scheme under development.

Muddlock Cottage Glen Esk - Road collapse. 24 tonnes recycled material placed as temporary measure to enable road to be reopened.

U429 Lummington - Culvert washed away and road closed. Culvert to be replaced.

Balfour Cottage - Culvert blocked. Culvert to be cleaned and checked.

B9134 Netherton Tractors - Blocked gullies and partially blocked culvert. To be cleaned.

U419 Westermuirside Den - Road structure suffering from flooding with waterlogged base. Investigations ongoing to undertake repairs.

B957 Tannadice - Drainage box filled with debris from field flooding road. Cleaned out but repairs will be needed in due course.

Cairndrum - Flooding resulting in potholes. Repairs ongoing and still needed.

U457 Craigsfauld - Road washed away in places. Reconstruction needed.

U457 Finhavon Hill - Mud covered road from fields. Clearance in hand.

Oathlaw - Flooding of property raised. Investigation needed.