Despite my age I still love attending firework displays


I may no longer be a child but I like to think I am a kid at heart and so look forward to Bonfire night each year.

I have some very fond memories of fireworks night, when we used to go down to our local bonfire to watch the display and get a treat of a nice hot cup of tomato soup! A great treat for us when we were wee.

I remember getting so excited about going out, even although quite a few times I ended up bursting into tears the minute the first firework banged and mum had to walk home with me and so did not get to watch the display.

The thought of wrapping up warm, with winter woollies fills me with glee. Surely at my age I should not get so excited but there is something magical about fireworks - and sparklers. Don’t forget the sparkers.

Now I am a bit braver (yes I still jump every time a firework bangs) and I look forward to fitting in as many displays as possible each year.

Before moving to Brechin I attended one of my local displays in Aberdeen (although as the years went on the number of displays dwindled to only the one in the area).

Gone are the days when they have a bonfire - health and safety put paid to that - and the focus was on buying novelty toys.

Watching the display seemed to be an afterthought.

For years I believed that bonfires were a thing of the past, that was until I moved to Brechin and attended a display here.

I had thought the posters were wrong stating that a fire would be lit, so you can imagine my excitement when in fact there was a bonfire.

In past years I was content with just watching the displays now I love watching and trying to photograph them - most unsuccessfully.

I do, however, think I will leave the setting of the fireworks to the professionals. The thought of all the potential injuries that can happen from the misfiring of fireworks is just too scary for me and I don’t think I would ever be prepared to risk anything happening.

I will just stick to lighting sparklers (when permitted) and just standing back and enjoying the light show - oh and of course keeping myself warm from the heat of the glow of the crackling bonfire.

I can not wait to have kids so we can go out to the local display and enjoy the evening as a family.

I just hope they love fireworks as much as I do! If they don’t maybe daddy will stay at home with the kids and I will go out to the display!