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An 88-year-old man claims he has missed two hospital appointments because his patient transport failed to turn up (writes Shona Beaton).

Mr Martin Clark, who has to have check-ups every six months after under going heart surgery, was due an appointment in on December 7.

However, that appointment had to be cancelled after, he says, the patient transport that had been organised failed to turn up.

He then got a rescheduled appointment for January 25 but once more the transport that was arranged did not arrive.

Mr Clark is required to attended appointments every six months following heart surgery at hospital in Aberdeen.

He first attended Ninewells Hospital in Dundee for a check up.

Following that check up appointment it was arranged that Mr Clark would attend Stracathro Hospital for all further appointments as it was closer to his home in Brechin.

Mr Clark attended Stracathro every six months for a check up, taking public transport from outside his home straight to the hospital.

It has only been since his appointments were changed to Arbroath Hospital that Mr Clark had to rely on patient transport.

Since the change, Mr Clark has yet to keep an appointment, as, he says, the transport had failed to arrive at his home.

It has now been eight months since Mr Clark attended an appointment and he is now unsure when his next will be.

Mr Clark said: “I was told that the transport would arrive any time from 8.30 am to late on in the day. I was not given an exact time.

“That first evening at 5 pm I received a telephone call to tell me that there had been a shortage of staff and that another appointment would be arranged.

“That appointment came but yet again the transport did not turn up and no one has contacted me to explain why.

“It was another day that I spend sitting waiting for transport that did not arrive.

“I was initially sent to Stracathro for my appointments because it was close to home. This meant that I could get the bus from my door to the hospital door.

“I attended appointments at Stracathro until my consultant retired. It was then that I was given the appointment to attend Arbroath.

“When I phoned about changing my appointment from Arbroath back to Stracathro again I was told that nothing could be done and I had to go to Arbroath.

“However, I have been told that there is a consultant who attends Stracathro once a month, so I wonder why I cannot be seen when that doctor is there.

“Every six months I get a check-up but it has been eight months since my last one.

“If I had an appointment for Stracathro I would not need to rely on patient transport because I would just get the bus.”

An NHS Tayside spokesperson, said: “There seems to have been some mix-up around the transport arrangements for this gentleman and we can only apologise for this.

“The outpatient manager has contacted Mr Clark to arrange a new appointment.”