Do you remember Catherine’s family?


Brechin Town House Museum is set to host a talk on Catherine Hollingworth OBE (1904-1999), on September 25.

In preparation of this, the speaker has issued a request for further information on her family’s link to Brechin and surrounding area.

Catherine was born in Brechin in 1904 and holidayed in Glen Esk and Tarfside where her grandparents, the Inglis, lived.

One of her uncles, George Inglis, rented The Retreat in the early part of the 20th century as well as living at Murlingden near Brechin.George had made his fortune in Chile from nitrates and was referred as the ‘Nitrate King’.

Catherine also lived for a time in Bank Street in Brechin and at Trinity at a house named The Elms.

Her father, James Hollingworth, was a Yorkshireman who had sought employment in Scotland with his brother, Harold, following an advert in a local paper.

James played cricket for Brechin and the county, as well as being heavily involved in the Brechin choral and operatic societies and playing the organ at Brechin West Church.

Catherine died in 1999 in Aberdeen’s Rowan Court nursing home after a long and distinguished career in speech therapy and children’s drama.

A commemorative plaque in Aberdeen honours her pioneering work in establishing the Children’s Theatre, which was internationally renowned

Steve Nicoll, secretary of the Friends of Brechin Town House Museum said: “It is clear that Catherine and her family enjoyed a long association with Brechin and the surrounding area, as Catherine speaks fondly of her childhood in her auto-biography ‘Tilting at Windmills’.

“But there must be people who can remember Catherine or her family who would be able to add to her story and I would be delighted to hear from anyone who has a recollection of the Inglis family in Glen Esk, the Hollingworth brothers and, of course, Catherine herself who did so much for others but is little know in her birthplace.

“The talk in September is aimed at introducing Catherine to a new generation of Brechiners and ensuring that her life and work are not forgotten!” If you have any information on Catherine or her family please contact Steve on 01356 623256 or email