Dog being chased by pack slipped her lead

The road were Molly was hit. Inset, Molly
The road were Molly was hit. Inset, Molly

A visitor to Arbroath has urged dog owners to be responsible and keep their animals on leashes after her own pet was run down in the town.

Denise McAulay, who was staying at the Red Lion Caravan Park, lost her three-year-old lhasa apso Molly, after the pet panicked when a group of dogs ran towards her.

Molly slipped her lead, and ran back towards the caravan park, but was hit and killed by a car.

Denise, from Tullibody, had taken Molly for a walk when a woman, who had five dogs all off the lead, approached in the distance.

Denise explained: “They started running and it was like a big pack. Before we could pick her up, Molly slipped the lead and ran back the way we came and was hit by a car.

“The woman saw what had happened, and said she hoped my dog would be alright but she didn’t even wait to see - she just left.”

While the woman with the dogs tried to call them back, Denise added: “Four took heed and waited but the other one kept chasing my dog and only stopped after she was hit by the car.”

The incident took place last Friday at 5.15pm, on Dundee Road. A local vet, who was three cars down from the incident, tried to help, but it was too late.

Denise continued: “The couple in the car that hit her were distraught. The vet said there was no way they could have avoided hitting Molly. The chances of her making it all the way across were zero. The only thing that sticks in my mind is that she was terrified.”

Denise has urged owners never to trust their dog off the lead, saying: “That could have been a child that these dogs went for. The woman had no control over them. No one can trust their dog 100 per cent. To have five not on a lead is completely irresponsible.”

The incident has been reported to Angus Council, and an investigation into the circumstances around it is ongoing. Anyone who witnessed the incident is asked to contact the Dog Warden on 01307 475999.