Dog killed in Aberlemno biting incident

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A boxer dog’s vicious attack on a father and his two children was only stopped when a neighbour strangled the animal to death with a choke chain, it has emerged.

Steve Deas’ seven-year-old son had part of his ear bitten of while his nine-year-old daughter suffered bites to her legs after the six-year-old male dog, owned by Mr Deas’ girlfriend, became “spooked”. As Mr Deas protected his son, his daughter ran to alert a neighbour who called the police then killed the dog with a chain.

The incident, which left the boy needing reconstructive surgery, happened on July 16 in a field at Aberlemno as Mr Deas and the children took three of his girlfriend’s Boxers for a walk off-lead.

The details emerged during an unrelated civil case at Dundee Sheriff Court.

Solicitor George Donnelly said the children had played with the dogs earlier and often walked them in an adjoining field. During the walk the dog was on the lead, became “spooked” and started “snapping” at the girl.

Mr Donnelly said: “She fell, followed by the others, and the dog then attacked. Mr Deas covered his son and got his daughter away. She alerted a neighbour, who rang 999 and killed the dog. The other two dogs are to be rehomed in what can be described as police custody.”

Mr Deas, 50, who runs the Dundee Pet Food Delivery Service, owns a Rottweiler dog which was not present. The incident is being investigated but it is understood criminal charges are unlikely to be brought. A police source described it as “a tragic accident”.