Domino effect!

ANGUS Council plans to maximise the impact of new-build council housing on the waiting lists in the county by creating a domino effect to free up more properties to let.

A key feature of the new policy, which was approved by the neighbourhood services committee last Thursday, will be that new-build houses will only be let according to housing need and by prioritising existing council or Hillcrest Housing Association tenants with no record of anti-social behaviour or housing related debt.

New downsizing schemes, a web-enabled mutual exchange pilot project and a cash incentive scheme to speed up moves will all aid the quicker re-letting of available houses.

The final allocation in any chain of letting will be to someone from the Common Housing Register.

Vice-convener of housing, councillor Colin Brown said: “We hope that by using this approach, we will create at least one additional move within the housing stock, so at the very least the number of new tenancies will be double the number of new build houses. This approach will reward good tenants as well as meeting housing needs and making the best use of our housing stock.”