Don wants flood scheme fast tracked

Local MSP Nigel Don is calling for Brechin’s £14.2 million flood prevention scheme to be “fast tracked”. Angus Council’s Development Standards Committee passed the scheme on January 8, and the focus now shifts to the Scottish Government. The Council is bidding for funds to implement the scheme, which involves major engineering over approximately 50 weeks.

Mr Don said: “The Environment Minister, Paul Wheelhouse, was swiftly on the scene at Christmas when the South Esk burst its banks and River Street was flooded. He understands how serious the problem is and when I asked him in Parliament to encourage his officials to deal with the Brechin scheme as quickly as possible he confirmed that he would.”

The prevention scheme includes new embankments, buried pumping stations and flood walls, with some buildings being demolished to make way for the works. Costed at approximately £14.2 million, Angus Council is looking for the majority of the funds to be provided by the Scottish Government and Scottish Water.

Mr Don added: “For whatever reason, flooding is happening more and more often and the costs of flood prevention are far beyond the resources of householders and local businesses. Insurance will become increasingly difficult to obtain with every flooding incident. Councils and governments are there to help with major schemes like this, and I am very glad to say that Angus Council and Scottish Ministers understand the urgency of these works.

“Clearly there has been significant flooding damage throughout Scotland and the Government has many demands on its limited budget. I think it is clear that Brechin is seen as a priority, given the scale of the flooding and the large areas affected.”