Easter in the City prize-winners

Prize-winners from the Easter in the City competitions went to the Town House Museum on Saturday to receive their prizes. The winners were:

(stated as printed on their entries):

Easter Bonnet: primary school winners – 1, Melissa Simpson (aged eight); 2, Heidi Smith (aged six); 3, Robert B, David, Calum (Maisondieu). High School winners – 1, Brooke Moir; 2, Anna Spence; 3, DE.

Egg winner – Zac Greig.

Paper egg winners – Jess (aged one) Small World Nursery; Argyll (aged three) Small World Nursery; Brooke Lee (aged one) Smylee Tots; Fraser Milne (aged three) Maisondieu Nursery; Leah (aged four) New Friends Nursery; Holleigh Dickie (aged two) Smylee Tots; Owen Barnett (aged four); Ellie Alexander (aged four) Andover Nursery; Siobhan Heith (aged seven) Andover Primary.