Andover hold annual prize-giving

Andover pupils celebrated their achievements and focused on ‘journey’ during their end-of-term prize giving and service.

The service was held in Gardner Memorial Church on Wednesday, June 26, and the church was filled to capacity, and parents and friends enjoyed a performance from the school choir, orchestra and primary 2/3 utcutere group.

Mrs Linda Stewart received a presentation to mark her retirement from the Parent Council. She was thanked for her 38 years of service by Andover headteacher, Mrs Howson and Mrs Lisa Rose, chair of the Parent Council.

The prize winners were as follows:

Citizenship award – Ryan Longmuir (P1F); Chloe Falconer (P1K); Kady Cameron (P1T); Amelia Sniadach (P2); Dasha Keith (P2/3); Fergus Clark (P3); Charles hood (P4); Manfredas Jasmontas (P5); Julia Gawrysiak (P5/6); Kayley Duncan (P6); Cain Anderson (P7).

Most Improved award –Dylan Taylor (P1F); Zuzanna Sniadach (P1K); Allan Logan (P1T); Jevgeni Kuhtin (P2); Franek Golicki (P2/3); Braxton Clark (P3); Igor Juchniewicz (P4); Marcus Keillor (P5); Holly Kennedy (P5/6); Karolina Frankowski (P6); Leon Mills (P7).

Golden behaviour award – Rebekah Angus (P1F); Rhys Deane (P1K); Charley Meston (P1T); Hannah Lamont (P2); Paige O’Malley (P2/3); Archie Croll (P3); Max Brown (P4); Jan Sniadach (P5); Zara Torrie (P5/6); Magdalena Tracz (P6); Finlay Donald (P7).

Shield for talent in expressive arts – Sasha Wilson and Corey Williams.

Special sports award exceptional achievement – Juliette Simpson.

P7 sports champions – Jack Wood and Chloe Allison.

Inter-house sports trophy 2013 – Panmure (Juliette Simpson and Corey Williams).

Andover Parent Council (make ten points) – Strathmore 1.088 points (Cody Duke/ Artus Ploepa).

Prize for most sponsor money raised – Beth Greig.

Photography awards – Ynys Chaffer, Kaitlyn Ross and Amy Hoyle.

Sports day medals – P1 – Rebeka Angus, Lilly Angela Paton, Finlay Smith; P2 – Kevin Libon, Zoe Ewen, Ellie McLean, Emil Lech, Tyler Seymour; P3 – Jamie Leslie-Melville, Kinga Wysocka; P4 – Chloe Craig, Charles Hood; P5 – Manfredas Jasmontas, Sandra Sosnowska; P6 – Kayley Duncan, Gareth Hynd, Aidan Mills; P7 – Juliette Simpson, Jack Wood.

House points – Dalhousie, 390; Southesk, 415; Strathmore, 463; Panmure, 479.

Swimming certificates – Zannah Adam, Keinin Campbell, Rebecca Chalmers, Mia Chubb, Ellen Donald, Scott Hoyle, Isabella Mimiec, Emma Ogilvie, Aaron Angus, Julia Gawrysiak, Scott Lamond, Kieran Longmuir, Heather Dalls, Roan Harrison and Ayden Fairlie.