Brechin campus project update

Angus councillors have been given an update on progress at the new Brechin Community Campus which shows that work is progessing well.

Members of the council’s policy and resources committee heard earlier this week that construction work had begun ahead of schedule and that completion of the campus was on track for the end of 2015 to the beginning of 2016 when pupils would be moved in.

The council’s service manager, Craig Clement reported to the committee that to ensure work on the site continued seamlessly and to complete the work as early as possible the main contractors were given the go ahead with the Letter of Intent being issued which had permitted the progression of the construction phase in advance of financial close which was anticipated to be concluded shortly.

Mr Clement said that work to prepare the site had begun in March and the main contractor’s next stage submission was approved by the council after it was submitted in April.

“Prior to final sign-off the Scottish Futures Trust also require the council to demonstrate its commitment in terms of working towards achieving the ‘Scotland’s Schools for the Future’ programme goals, as part of a workshop including the trust and Scottish Government officials. It is expected this workshop will be held and concluded shortly.” said Mr Clement.

He added that mainly due to construction inflation the gross cost was to be slightly higher than initially outlined - rising from £26.1 million to £26.547 million. He said, however, that this would be mainly offset by a Scottish Government grant.

“The aim has been to create a facility which will provide an enhanced community campus together with new opportunities to promote participation in life-long learning/leisure activities and community life in general,” he said.

He said it should be noted that the costs included around £125,000 to support the provision of an enhanced theatre/performing space.

“Consultation with the community will continue during the construction phase in order to develop operational and management arrangements to support the community campus philosophy.”