Brechin High compete in Rock Challenge

Mr Crawford and his production team.
Mr Crawford and his production team.

Brechin High School pupils 
recently competed in the 
Rock Challenge UK competition, with their ‘White Rose’ production.

The White Rose was an anti-Nazi protest group formed during World War II.

Rock Challenge UK is a well-known dance competition throughout the whole of the UK. After months of practice and dedication the crew were ready to compete against other Angus schools.

Although the performers did not reach first place, they showed how much potential is in this school to be able to compete in such a big competition across the country.

A spokesperson for the school said: “Everyone in Brechin High is so proud of the Rock Challenge participants; between the dancers, the backstage crew and the staff, Brechin High School proved exactly what we are made of and what can 
be achieved.

“Darcie Westland, a senior pupil in school, was a huge driving force behind this year’s production and put in a great amount of effort to the choreography along with Mrs Gray, a P.E teacher within the school.

“The back–drops and the scenery were phenomenally done by the support crew ably supported by Mr Crawford, a Technical teacher in the school.

“The pupils’ spirits are not crushed; we will be back next year to WOW everyone all over again.”

Pupils who took part in the competition were Darcie Westland, Danielle Collie, Charlie Thornton, Georgie Pringle, Courtney Morrison, Holly Airth, Karolina Njalik, Sasha Macdonald, Wallis Mathieson, Chloe Fowlie, Jas De Guzman, Sarah Robertson, Lyndsay Nelson, Ellidh Craig, Lauren Strachan, Leanne Stewart, Jenna Smith, Morgan Crighton, Jamie Collie, Carly Ross, Charlie Hancox, Brooke Moir, Charlie Wilson, Jordan McKay, Nikki Vannett, Chanelle Julien and 
Martha Grieve.