Brechin High pupils do well

Figures released by the Scottish Qualifications Authority have shown an increase in the number of Brechin High School S4 pupils gaining five or more Standard Grade qualifications.

Levels of pupils gaining five Foundation level or above awards rose from 88% in 09/10 to 91% in 10/11.

Fourth year pupils who gained five or more awards at General level or above jumped 14% from 58% in 09/10 to 72% in 10/10 whilst pupils who gained five or more Credit level awards also rose, from 22% in 09/10 to 23% in 10/11.

The number of S5 pupils gaining one or more Higher award dropped slightly this year with 29% of the pupils gaining a Higher grade.

This was a drop of 3% on the previous year, however, the number of S5 pupils gaining three or more Highers rose from 12% on 09/10 to 17% in 10/11.

Those gaining five or more Highers remained the same as the previous year at 4%.

The number of sixth year students gaining three or more Highers and five or more Highers dropped only 1% on the previous year with 24% gaining three Higher and 16% gaining five Highers.

Advanced Higher awards dropped slightly, with 13% of students gaining one or more award compared to 16% the year before.

Figured showed that over half (54%) of all Brechin High School leavers went on Further or Higher enducation whilst a further 25% went into employment or training.

A further 21% of leavers were unemployed.