Brechin High School makes improvements following inspection

Brechin High School’s headteacher, staff, parents and pupils have been commended for their continued commitment to improve the work of the school and to secure the best possible outcomes for pupils following the school’s inspection in June.

Since the inspection, which found the school to have a number of areas for improvement, an action plan has been prepared, designed to strengthen the school’s capacity for improvement.

In his report to Angus Council’s education committee, Neil Logue, director of education, said: “The headteacher, the staff of Brechin High School and senior officers of the education authority were pleased to note that the Education Scotland inspection team recognised a number of key strengths in the work of the school.

“While the school and the education authority absolutely accept the greater consistency in the use of effective learning and teaching approaches across the school, there are significant concerns about certain aspects of the recent inspection exercise.

“We are not of the view that the inspection report is wholly accurate in its assessment of the school’s current performance.”

A number of perceived defects of the inspection, that the Steve Dempsey, headteacher at Brechin High School and his staff have highlighted, include: the occasional unfocused management of the exercise and the lack of opportunities for quality dialogue between members of the inspection team and members of staff. These were highlighted in a meeting with the District Inspector as well as senior officers of Education Scotland.

“While the inspection team were not minded to change the inspection evaluations, I am pleased to confirm that Education Scotland acknowledge and recognise that aspects of the inspection exercise should be better managed,” continued Mr Logue.

Throughout the course of this school session a Supported School Review will be carried out in each Angus High School. The first review took place in Brechin High School in mid-September which confirmed the school has begun to address the improvement actions detailed in the school’s action plan.

In the 2012 SQA examination diet, the school made significant improvements in relation to seven national attainment indicators, with performance against three of those indicators being its highest performance over the past five examination diets.