Brechin High School news

A newly formed group of Prefect Journalists has been founded at Brechin High School - with a dual purpose in mind.

Talking about their role, they explained: “We aim to raise awareness of all that is going on in our school and the involvement of our pupils in the wider community as well as developing our journalism skills in the process. Look out for our weekly column!”

In this week’s column, Head Boy Callum Dunleavy tackles litter

Over the last few months there has been an increase in the amount of litter dropped in the city. The blame for this rise in rubbish is often placed on the pupils of the High School.

Newly instated rector Archie Bathgate has recognised the growing litter problem and has set up a new project in the school to tackle this problem.

School prefects will now be responsible for conducting daily litter picks around the school grounds and surrounding area to reduce the litter problem.

Although it is not possible to have school pupils picking up litter throughout the entire town, Mr Bathgate hopes this project will raise awareness of the issue.

Pictured are, from left - Catherine Wales, Erin Smith, Douglas Johnston (all school prefects) during a litter pick at the high school.