Brechin High School prize-winners

THE main award-winners at Brechin High School for the 2011-2012 session are as follows:-

S1/S2 pupils

UK Junior Maths Challenge – Gold Award & Best in School - Harry Barclay

UK Junior Maths Challenge – Silver Award - Aiden Donkin

UK Junior Maths Challenge - Bronze Award - Rory Allison; Connor Dunleavy; Tom Pringle

S1 Endeavour Awards for Outstanding work, progress or diligence - Shannon Alexander; Matty Allison; Stewart Anderson; Natalie Baxter; Alix Brymer; Douglas Crowe; Tina Cunningham; Alastair Gill; Logan Henderson; Karen Jack; Nicola Joiner; Lyndsay Nelson; Zoe Nicoll; Daniel Olewniczak; Niall Robb; Carly Ross; Hannah Taylor; Demi Young.

S2 Endeavour Awards for Outstanding work, progress or diligence - Sintija Balode; Rebecca Bennett; Kirsty-Ann Brown; Amber Cumming; Ellie Dalgarno; Laura Ewen; Ben Harper; Andrew Johnston; Siobhan Murray; Karolina Naglik; Tom Pringle; Hannah Robertson; Jenna Smith; Mia Torrie.

S1 Sir Stanley Harley Awards for Academic Achievement - Matty Allison; Rory Allison; Stewart Anderson; Thomas Buchanan; Sydonie Calvert; Ciaran Campbell; Douglas Crowe; Aiden Donkin; Dominik Frankowski; Lewis Hill; Rebecca Reid; Niall Robb; Sarah Robertson; James Sim.

S2 Sir Stanley Harley Awards for Academic Achievement - Nadia Anderson; Harry Barclay; Ian Black; Nathan Blair; Tisha de Guzman; Kirsten Duncan; Connor Dunleavy; Sophie Goodwin; Sarah Hodge; Sarah Howe; Andrew Johnston; Matthew Lee; Siobhan Murray; Tom Pringle; Hannah Robertson; Kerry Thomson.

S3/4 Awards

The Kenneth W. Dron Prize for Creative Writing in the Middle School- Rebekah Drummond

Joan Cuthbertson Medal & Prize for string playing- Patrick Kinnear

Margaret Jamieson Medal & Prize for string playing - Shannon Barclay

Thomson Prize for singing - Erin Smith

Child Care (Angus College Course) - Gemma Russell

Rural Skills (Angus College Course) - Callum Dunleavy

T Stewart’s Prize for Construction Skills (Angus College Course)- Michael Black

Engineering Skills Award - Arthur Christie

CITB Award for Outstanding Craft Practical Work - Jordon McKay; Ross Scorgie; Hamish Duff; Ryan Procter

UK Intermediate Maths Challenge – Silver Award & Joint Best in School - Matthew Flood; Callum Tinsley.

UK Intermediate Maths Challenge - Bronze Award- Sophie Gill; Amy MacDonald

Columba 1400 Award - Chelsea Baillie; Jamie Cochrane; Danielle Collie; Darcie Easton; Nathaniel Edwards; Sophie Gill; Campbell Gordon; Ellie Hill; Connor Massie; Amy Reid; Erin Robbie; Charlie Thornton; Beth Watson

Rector’s Prize for 4th Year- Ross Black; Shaun Boath; Scott Cunningham; Sarah Johnston; Duncan Stewart; Jennifer Thain

The Dundee University Reach Project Prize for Professionalism & Outstanding Contribution to the School- Gemma Russell

Anderson Award for all round academic excellence in 4th Year- Amy MacDonald

S3 Subject awards

Jamie Cochrane - Administration – Standard Grade

Hayley Leal - Art & Design – Standard Grade

Kira Bruce - Biology – Intermediate 1

Adam MacDonald - Chemistry – Intermediate 1

Beth Watson - Home Economics – Standard Grade

Natasha Runcie - Hospitality – Intermediate 1

Viswan Thiagarajah - Mathematics – Standard Grade

Fraser Thomson - Physical Education – Standard Grade

Matthew Flood - Computing – Standard Grade; German – Standard Grade

Sophie Gill - Business Management – Standard grade; French – Standard Grade

Ross Scorgie - Craft & Design – Standard Grade; Graphic Communication – Standard Grade

Rhianna Shearer - Geography – Standard Grade; Physics – Standard Grade

Patrick Kinnear - Biology – Standard Grade; Chemistry – Standard Grade; English – Standard Grade; History – Standard Grade; Music Standard Grade

S4 Subject awards

Megan Blues - Administration - Standard Grade, Angus College Award

Alyx Clark - Art & Design - Standard Grade

Courtney Steel - Biology – Intermediate 1

Findlay Crowe - Chemistry – Intermediate 1

Rebecca Bridson - Computing - Standard Grade, Angus College Award

Calum Littlejohn - Craft & Design - Standard Grade, Angus College Award

Kayleigh Wanless - German - Standard Grade

Hamish Duff - History - Standard Grade, Cargill Prize

Alyx Clark - Hospitality – Intermediate 1

Rhys Marfizo - Music - Standard Grade

Dylan Adam - Physics – Intermediate 1

Callum Dunleavy - RMPS – Intermediate 1

Rebekah Drummond - English – Standard Grade; Physical Education – Standard Grade

Rachel Thomson - Biology – Standard Grade; Home Economics - Standard Grade, Angus College Award

Amy MacDonald - Business Management - Standard Grade, Angus College Award; Chemistry – Standard Grade; French – Standard Grade

Karolina Tanska - Geography – Standard Grade; Graphic Communication - Standard Grade; Mathematics – Standard Grade; Physics – Standard Grade

S5/6 Awards

K W Dron Memorial Prize in the Senior School & Overall winner- Rachael Marnie

Musical Contribution to the School, Stanley L Taylor Award- Leonie Moir; Beth Soutar

Young String Player of the Year- Rhian Smith

Dundee University - ACES Project Prize for Outstanding Creative Endeavour- Sally Myles

T Stewart Enterprise Award- Leonie Moir

UK Senior Maths Challenge – Silver Award & Best in School- Ryan Mackie-

UK Senior Maths Challenge – Bronze Award- Katie August; Laura Gray

Andrew Halkett Award for outstanding service to the school -Head Boy, Innes Cuthill; Head Girl, Imogen Sherrit.

S5/6 Subject awards

Kirsty Stewart - Art & Design – Higher, Alan McMann Award

Kendal Lindsay - Administration - Higher

Shannon Marshall - Biology – Intermediate 2

Montanna Mathieson - Biology – Advanced Higher

Calum White - Computing – Intermediate 2

Gregory Hill- Computing – Higher, Dundee University Prize

Catriona Kinninmonth- English – Intermediate 2

Alan Stewart - German – Intermediate 2

Corrie Robb - Graphic Communication – Higher, Fyffe Prize

Zoë Duncan - History – Intermediate 2

Ross MacDonald - Mathematics - Advanced Higher

Claire Stewart - Modern Studies – Higher

Flora Henry - Music with Performing – Higher, Edinburgh Angus Club Prize

Bevin Gauld - Photography – Higher

Rebecca Ross - Physical Education - Higher

Jordan Blair - Physics – Intermediate 2

Garth Jamieson - Physics – Advanced Higher, Sir Robert Watson Watt Prize

Leonie Moir - Spanish – Intermediate 2

Jansenn de Guzman - Chemistry – Intermediate 2; French – Higher, JS Maclay Prize

Louise Fotheringham - Administration – Intermediate 2; Business Management – Intermediate 2

Emma Ewen - Business Management – Higher, Edinburgh Angus Club Prize; History – Higher, TS Graham Prize

Rachael Marnie - Geography – Higher, Edinburgh Angus Club Prize; History – Advanced Higher

Imogen Sherrit - English – Advanced Higher, Edinburgh Angus Club Prize; German – Higher, Fyffe Prize

Katie August - Chemistry – Higher, DC Kelly Memorial Prize; English – Higher; Human Biology – Higher, Edinburgh Angus Club Prize; Mathematics – Higher; Physics – Higher.

The S4 Dux Alan Johnstone award was awarded Karolina Tanska. Katie August received the Dux of the school award. Katie’s medal was presented by Matrix International, the Rotary Club of Brechin & an Andrew Halkett Award.