Campus designs on agenda

THE COMMUNITY Campus will be the sole topic on the agenda at the next meeting of City Of Brechin Community Council on Tuesday, March 5.

The move comes following last week’s meeting in Brechin High School to discuss the campus.

The community council will be inviting officers of Angus Council to attend the meeting at the Damacre Centre at 7.30 p.m. to give further updates as a result of the discussions last week.

It is also hoped they can answer a number of specific questions which the community council and members of the public still wish to have clarified.

Convener Grahame Lockhart commented: “We welcome the open attitude the officers and representatives of the building consortium showed at the meeting in Brechin High School and their commitment to investigate some of the options put forward.

“Whilst there is great support for a new High School, there are still a number of issues relating to community use which are causing uneasiness within the community

“I wish to invite members of the public to submit any questions they wish us to raise with Angus Council officers to the Community Council at by Tuesday, February 26, so we can make sure the appropriate officers are available to respond.

“Since the first meeting the new Community Council attended about the Community Campus shortly after its reinstatement early last year a small group of Community Councillors have been in regular contact with the relevant Angus Council staff and have published updates in the local press.

“With the detailed design stage from April to November approaching it is important that everyone who wishes to have an input does so now so that we can all, working together, get the best Community Campus possible for Brechin.”