Can you help with festive fair plans?

Andover Primary school has sent out an appeal to the local community to help find members of the community who would be willing to organise their Christmas Fair.

Over the last fifteen years Andover School’s Christmas Fair has become a tradition for the school and for Brechin.

The busy event, which has dozens of stalls and a huge variety of gifts on offer, has always been well supported by Brechiners and, indeed people in the area.

To ensure the continued success of this event the Christmas Fair needs a new co-ordinator following the step-down of the current organiser.

Craig McKay of the Parent Council explained: “Kay Cameron has managed the event for twelve years and feels it is really time to hand over the reins to new management.

“Kay has done an excellent job, that would probably be best taken on by two or three people.

“The event is run in November and takes a couple of a hours a week for the months before that to communicate with all the stalls holders, and then a few hours in the last few weeks to pull it all together.

“It’s good fun, very rewarding, and the pupils benefit through extra funds for trips and special resources.”

And it is not just the Christmas Fair that proves to be a successful event organised by the Parent Council.

“Last September Andover Parent Council member Lynette Mimiec co-ordinated the Guthrie Park Gala Day, with huge support from the Cricket and Rugby Clubs,” continued Craig.

“We believe that a small team of people can make these events happen smoothly.

“We are planning to run the Gala Day again this year, adding a highly attractive falconry area with raptors including owls and falcons.”

If you would like to help continue the success of these events contact the Andover Primary Parent Council at