Charitable pupils busy raising cash for cows

Pictured are pupils with the cash they've raised to help families in Rwanda
Pictured are pupils with the cash they've raised to help families in Rwanda

A group of S1-4 Brechin High school pupils have been working hard to raise funds for the survivors of genocide in Rwanda.

It is a charity that is close to the heart of the school’s rector, Archie Bathgate.

The group has been meeting regularly since the start of the session and focused their efforts over the past three weeks on raising money to help buy a cow, which will be given to a family to help bring them out of poverty.

The group felt this was a deserving cause and have been pleased to find out that their giving doesn’t stop with the gift of the cow, as the first female calf born to that cow will go to another family to help raise them out of poverty too.

Over £100 has been raised by the enterprising group, who generated the fund by a variety of activities including filling a jar with sweets and challenging fellow pupils and staff to guess how many were in it (Mrs Jackson being the lucky winner).

Pupils in the group also got their sleeves rolled up and made some tasty home baked treats to sell, which were eagerly bought by staff and pupils alike.

Mr Bathgate accepted a cheque from pupils Beckie McAndie, Katie Michie, Allyn McLaren, Tommy Clement, Dean Sharpe, Les Moir and Leon Mills for £102.50.

The rector explained that this was a valuable contribution towards the purchase of another cow for the communities left in poverty after the civil war in Rwanda.