College courses

You don’t have to be David Bailey to enrol in Angus College’s Digital Photography and Image Editing courses, but you’ll soon have the skills needed to give him a run for his money.

Angus College’s Introduction to Digital Photography course requires no prior digital photography skills, but some basic computer skills are necessary.

The course is suitable for compact, bridge and digital SLR cameras and will help all students understand their camera settings and capabilities.

The course covers the transfer of images to PC and the back-up of these images. Students will also gain an understanding of composition, lighting conditions and also basic digital image enhancing and editing.

Still images editing using Photoshop Elements, requires no prior image editing skills, but again basic computer skills are necessary.

This course is designed to illustrate improvements which can be made to edit and enhance digital photographs using industry standard photo manipulation software.

The course covers basic digital camera skills and techniques as well as scanning and copying images and the storage and back-up of these images. So if you look at your holiday pictures and think a few tweaks are required before you show them off to family and friends then this could be the perfect course for you.

Both courses begin on Thursday, September 20 at Angus College’s Brechin Learning Centre, located beside the High School, cost £128 and run for 12 weeks. Successful completion will result in a SQA credit at SCQF level 5.

In addition the Brechin Learning Centre will also be running its PC Passport – Beginners Internet and Online Communications course beginning on Tuesday, September 18.

The course helps students develop skills on the internet and email communication. Covering connecting to the internet, how to search effectively, online shopping and history and favourite features, the course costs £128 and runs for 12 weeks. Successful completion will result in an SQA credit at SCQF level 4.

For further information or to book call Karen on 01241 432724